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Blog entries

The blog entries below are written by the students themselves and were not changed at all.

The idea of the following entries is that you gain an impression of the students‘ actual level of English. The first two entries are made by the students‘ teachers, Charles and Claire, who tell us how they experienced the work with our teenagers.


I really enjoyed teaching this week. The students surprised me by their motivation and willingness to learn the language. They asked questions, wanted to know more about the language and were always attentive. They are also quite fluent and enjoyed speaking English in all situations.
Well done and keep it up!

Claire Baron Bello (teacher at LAL)


I have been teaching teenagers for quite a number of years but this class that I had from Switzerland this week were by far the best, I was taken aback at their drive and motivation and interest in learning. They all carried out their work and duties diligently and all have a very good command of English, it really was a pleasure teaching them and to see such delightful teenagers.

Charles William Camilleri
General and Business English Teacher at LAL Malta


We arrived on Sunday evening. The bus driver had problems to find the houses, so we arrived in the family at ten o’clock. On Monday we had school in the morning and a harbour cruise. On Tuesday we had school in the morning and in the afternoon we visited the capital city Valetta.

By: Danie


The family is very nice, the name of the family is Mr +Ms Borg. We have our breakfast at 8 o’clock, then we have to make our sandwiches for lunch. The bathroom is very small. Mr + Ms Borg often talk to us and ask us how our day was. For dinner they cooked Lasagne for us.

By: Yves + Carlo + Tobias


We arrived on Sunday evening at nine o’clock in our houses. We greet the family and polster our room. On Monday morning we get up at 6:30. We took a shower and then we ate breakfast. Misses Frendo, our host mother drove us to school. We had a little test and divided us in two classes. The first day was great.

By: Dimitri


Our family is very friendly. They talk with us. Ciri and I are living in Ta’Xbiex, I don’t know how to speak it out. Usually, our family speak Maltese so we don’t understand much.
The school isn’t bad. It starts at 9 o’clock and it is not very hard. On Monday was our first class in the school and we went for a trip around the harbour. On Tuesday, we went for a trip to Valetta. It’s the capital of Malta.
My exchange parents have three sons. The smallest is very sweet. He plays always with his « Firestation ». The medium son likes to play playstation, we already played FIFA 11 with him. And the oldest son is fifteen but we don’t see him very often because he is in school.

By: Yannis


As soon as we were dropped off, Dimitri and I were buzzing with excitement. The host family greeted us warmly into their home. Our host mother showed us everything an explained, how their rooms work (e.g, Lights, windows).We were then rewarded for listening with two large beds and surprised with a cold but warm night. The next morning we were kindly woken with a delicious breakfast. After breakfast we made our way to school. We had a great day full of harbour tours and jokes with the class and around about 16:00 we started heading home. At 18.00 there was a steaming, hot, scrumptious meal waiting for us. We wolfed it down and hoped, it would keep us going for the other adventures that are awaiting for us in MALTA.

By: Alex


On Sunday evening eight o’clock we arrived on the Malta Airport after a flight of three hours. After that a bus driver should bring us to our guest families but he didn’t found the right way. Then we arrived at our appartments at ten o’clock. Me and Daniel have two people in their seventies. We greet them and went early to bed. Next morning we had breakfast and went to school at 8.45. We had school to 11 o’clock. At two o’clock we went for a harbour cruise. That was not so funny because it was really cold. On Tuesday we went to Valetta and had a nice walk through the village and had an hour time to walk around.

By: Cyrill


When we first meet our host family, I was surprised about the differences to Switzerland. The house was pretty old which doesn’t mean it’s bad. The host family is nice but there are also negative points: The bedroom is very cold, mostly it’s warmer outside. But in general it’s very nice there.

By: Yannick


Our family is very nice. I was surprised when I first meet them. On the first evening Mrs Rita Borg made us immediately a sandwich. Mr Borg showed us the house and our bedroom. The bathroom was very small. Our host family talked often to us, he asked us every day, where we go today or what we make with the class.
Mrs Borg cook every evening very good things. On Tuesday she cooked us a very good Lasagne.

By : Carlo, Yves, Tobias.


The family is very friendly. They live in Ta Xbiex in a nice apartment. Jannis and I arrived on Sunday evening. We have unpack the bag and we went to sleep. The meal wasn’t good. My mother cooks better. Malta is very nice, we looked to the capital city. His name is Valetta. Also Sliema is a beautiful city.

By: Ciriaco

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